Peace walks


A walk exploring the hidden history of Haringey’s First World War Conscientious Objectors

Follow the walk with a booklet which shows a route marking the hidden story of some of the 350 Haringey Conscientious Objectors (COs) who refused to fight in World War One. This free booklet is downloadable (COs walk booklet) and available at any one of Haringey’s libraries or at Hornsey Historical Society’s office.

As you walk you are taken back to Haringey a hundred years ago, to the local anti-war protests and the legal battles faced by COs after conscription was introduced in 1916. It’s a very interesting and compelling aspect of local history which you can follow on walks organised by members of Haringey First World War Peace Forum (dates to be announced). If you’d rather follow the route on your own, or with friends then the booklet has been designed to guide you along the way.

The walk from Finsbury Park Station to the Salisbury pub on Green Lanes, Harringay, captures the range of CO experiences, taking in their homes, and meeting places where the anti-war movement found support. Other locations in the borough have been chosen to further illuminate this forgotten aspect of Haringey’s First World War history.

Completing the just under two mile walk will take about an hour and a half at a moderate speed. Public transport links are close by for much of the route and they are shown on the map in the centre of the booklet.

People who have taken part in a walk are enthusiastic:

‘…walking in the foot-steps of the ordinary men & women who lived a hundred years ago helped to bring the stories of local people who opposed war, to life’

‘Very well organised: having the booklet for the ‘take home’ resource added a lot’.

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