Image from The Peace Museum, Bradford: part of ‘The Conchie’, a 1931 painting by Arthur Wilson Gay (1901-1958).



Since 2014 Haringey First World War Peace Forum has been researching the lives of men who resisted conscription during the First World War in what is now the London Borough of Haringey. Our aim is to share the fascinating and hidden stories of a part of London which saw the highest proportion of conscientious objectors in Britain between 1916 and 1918. The individual stories of these brave men can be seen in our our research pages.

We were delighted that a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, as part of their ‘First World War Then and Now’ programme, allowed us to share this hidden history with people across the borough during 2018 and 2019.

We launched the project in February 2018 with a one-man play ‘This Evil Thing’. ‘The Lost Files’ sculpture opened at Bruce Castle Museum where it was on display for three months until September 2018; there have been workshops, peace walks and there were other activities including a second performance of ‘This Evil Thing’ in March and borough wide poster placing in May 2019. The project concluded with the unveiling of a specially created plaque commemorating conscientious objectors in Haringey in Green Lanes, Harringay on 15 May 2019 outside the Salisbury public house, the site of an anti-war protest meeting in August 1914 (see ‘News’ page).




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